The Right Way To Try On A Maternity Dress

We all dream of the day that we can walk into the changing room at the top designer shops, swoosh around like Pretty Woman and look amazing, but when you are pregnant, choosing a maternity dress can be a bit more challenging. But with a few simple steps, you can make sure that you get the dress that is going to make you look and feel great during your pregnancy.

The key to a great maternity dress is looking to the future. Though we buy most of our maternity clothes in the first few weeks of finding out we are pregnant, these clothes not only have to look great for the entire duration of our pregnancy, but will actually be the clothes we wear for a significant amount of time after the baby is born as well.

To make sure you look great throughout this time, make sure you opt for dresses that are flexible. Though you may not be very big when you first try your dress on, you do want to make sure that there is potential for the dress to expand with you as your pregnancy progresses. Look for details such as stretch panels or tie sides which will enable the dress to expand with your size and then decrease again after the baby is born before you return to your standard size.

Also take a look at the length of the dress. Any dress that you buy during pregnancy is going to rise up a little as your tummy expands, so make sure that you have an extra few centimetres on the bottom of the dress so that your modesty will still be intact when you near term. Make sure you look at your dress from every angle. Use the fake bump that is available in most maternity shops to give you an idea of how the dress will look in months to come, or simply use a pillow to expand your tummy and see how the dress will look in the future.

As we don’t spend most of our day standing straight up and staring at ourselves, try out the dress in the positions you use most often. Bend down to make sure there is not too much cleavage showing and sit down so that you can see whether your modesty is still intact, especially when the slight rise occurs later in pregnancy.

Remember, you are going to change temperature and temperament during your pregnancy, so make sure fabrics are breathable, easy to wash and comfortable to wear.

There is such a huge range of maternity dresses available that there is bound to be a fantastic style for you. So take your time and shop around and you will find the style that looks great during your pregnancy.

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